Month: December 2023

Our Inner Being

I believe that these teachings will allow people to finally understand their dual nature. This is the ultimate benefit that will come from studying them. This is a very important understanding.

One needs to know just what is controllable by the mind, as far as body functions go, if the soul is in control of the body. People need to understand that without allowing the growth of the soul to take place they are not much higher on the evolutionary pole than the animals.

They need to understand that in denying this spirit within them they are committing a crime in the eyes of the Creator, who gave them this gift to raise them above the workings of the animal brain. Someday the animals will evolve to the same stage as a human who is not expressing the soul.

When people begin to understand this, they will begin to look at life differently and will be much more willing to stay on the spiritual path of progress. It will instill in them the desire to progress when they realize what they are denying when they do not contact their inner being.

So, to achieve a humane state and quality of life, it truly must start with the education of children as they must be able to contact their inner being, their soul, and hold that contact steady, to hold the desire for the quality of life steady, which then will hold the activities in the exoteric journey steady.

The new philosophy will concern itself with the individual right to grow and progress, each at their own speed. It will start with the schooling bringing forward the inner being of each at a very early age. This will lead to the necessary intertwining of this inner being with the present personality. This is most important

When a person is depressed it is because they are not only disconnected from their inner being, their higher self, but they totally deny its existence. The consequences to one who absolutely denies their inner being can be severe depression. Some people totally deny their inner being, or at least to the point of denying that it is wise or that it had any wisdom at all. Some people become thoroughly mistrusting of it and because of this mistrust, of course, their inner being disconnects from them. What else would it do?

The real you is the combined soul, not just the half in incarnation. The inner being is the half on the inner planes. Sometimes the half in incarnation has not joined with the half on the inner planes. Until then, the work of the inner being will not have the influence that it will in this one’s life after the joining of the two halves. This is why this work does not seem to help some people and it does others. The half of the soul within you has to be found and contact made with it first, then the half on the inner planes will meet up with it and its influence will make a tremendous difference in this one’s life.

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