Still More On What Our Future Could Look Like

As for family life, marriage will be closely monitored because this is the area where so much stress starts. There will be Rest and Relaxation stations for partners; if their monthly checkup shows signs of stress, their prescription will be so many days at an R & R house.

There will be no more forms of pasta. They clog up the human system and promote excess weight. Many new forms of vegetables will be grown due to progress in hybrids. Fruit will be a most necessary form of food. Only whole grain breads will be used, nothing using white flour, white sugar or white salt. There will be new spices and herbs that will enrich all forms of cooking. The only alcoholic beverages will be fermented fruit juices, such as wines and ciders. These will be found to be beneficial in moderate amounts. Much of our food supply will come from the sea. There will be sea stations, some of which will be experimental farms. Others will be harvest stations with many varieties of fish being harvested. A lot of vegetation will be deliberately planted and grown to be used for food. The biggest supply of food will be in the form of legumes.

Animals in the future will have elevated positions from now. They will be highly trained and used in the Halls of Training and Learning as teacher aides and playground guides. They will also be used as message and errand runners in certain occupations. Birth control of animals will be mandatory. There will also be more animal psychologists. Owners and pets will be matched by their musical tones and colors and pets will have exercise programs and medical checkups and R & R homes, even as their owners will have. Their food will be as carefully controlled as that of their owners only necessarily of a different variety.

The human body will be a thing of perfection as to bodily functions. People will become taller and obesity will be a thing of the past. Much work and experimentation in the nutritional field will take place before this can be. Computers will give a readout on each person’s own nutritional needs for that particular day. The computer will then tell them what foods they need to supply their bodies. Recreation will be very different and will be obligatory. All recreation will be geared to relieving stress.

The fields of medicine will necessarily lean more to what is being done by chiropractors and nutritionists now. Those in the field of medicine will specialize only to the point of serving terms in different areas such as birthing homes, computer analysis or setting broken bones. Pregnant women will be monitored much more closely, as far as their health and also the fetus will be watched very closely.

Birthing Homes
The birthing homes will also be where birth into the inner planes will take place (death as we call it now). When a soul realizes that it is time, and that he has mastered his lessons for this term, he will enter the birthing home and make preparations.

I see a country where all building and lighting and transportation is done with solar power. This will eliminate the pollution of the earth. The air will be clean. People’s health will improve. Power companies will no longer control the world. Many spiritual advances will then be able to be made. These advances will be combined with many others that will come about because of the one step forward of a new method of solar energy project and all people will be able to have affordable homes and food and time to enjoy nature and art in all its many forms. Cities will become clean; oceans will become clean and be able to produce food for humanity.

The homes for people to live in will be unlike any imagined today. Housing will be a thing of perfect beauty and everything in them will work in harmony. Modules or components of houses will be the wave of the future, as far as affordable housing for everyone inhabiting the earth. The houses of the future will be built of natural ingredients, of organic materials that resemble our present day plastic, so there will be no problem with disposal when a module has served its purpose and needs to be replaced.

The ideas behind these modules are that they can be added or changed as needed. A basic starter home would have two modules, the physical plant of the house and one “great” room. From that point on the round modules with connectors could be added, one at a time. If a separate bedroom is needed or wanted as a first supplement, then the bedroom package is purchased. If a separate kitchen is wanted instead, then the kitchen package is purchased. The bathroom and laundry would be part of the physical plant module as original equipment along with heating and cooling and moisturizing works. Each round module could be rearranged as needed or wanted. You will be able to rearrange the rooms in your house as easily as you now rearrange furniture in your rooms.

Running the House
People will take a computer readout each morning of the physical plant of the household. All aspects of the physical workings of a home, the water supply and energy to heat and cool, will be done effortlessly through natural means, not just solar but much more advanced means.

Daily Health
Computers will also tell us which foods we have on hand and which need to be restocked. Each home will have a track running into it for deliveries of small grocery items, which will automatically be ordered and delivered and charged by computers.

Plants and Flowers
Plants and flowers will be an important part of the physical plants in the homes and buildings. They will be utilized for the heating, cooling, water and waste systems. These will be self-regulating by combining the plants and flowers with musical tones and colored lights. These will be blended with the tones and colors of the occupants of the home bringing all into harmony. The intermixing of all these will be the source of energy for the running of a home. This machinery will be small musical motors programmed by the use of screens with the tones and colors of the people occupying the house. The screens will necessarily need to be reprogrammed when occupancy changes. Larger models of these musical motors will be used to activate the city’s water and sewer systems.

Food Production
Food production will be a large and important field to make changes in. It will be grown inside fruit and vegetable barns with colored lights and music where weather conditions will not affect them. A clock will time all the growing of food products, so many minutes of a certain color and musical tone combination for each crop. Each plant will have a computer setting for the lights and pitches according to what growth cycle it is in at that particular time. Food will no longer need to have processing because the fruits and vegetables will be growing all year around.

Much of our planet could become productive with just one ingredient – water. There will be a “roundhouse reservoir” in the center of each country. This reservoir would be covered over with a huge crystal butterfly that responds to humidity, sunlight, temperature and calendar time. It will bring in water from areas receiving too much moisture and disperse it to areas not getting enough.

The next step in pursuing a better food supply will be a new frontier of exploration of planet earth as far as the oceans and the mountains. Raised up in the upheaval of mountains are minerals not yet discovered on the planet that came from deep within the molten core of earth. These were embedded in the core and never reached the surface as the planet cooled.






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