Real Indigo Children Known By Their Sweetness

The Indigo Children started coming in as early as 1997. There are some who were sent in ahead of that as trials to see what, if any, problems these entities would have. These early trials are few and far between. Some have even gone back to their home planets after being a trial here on earth. But the real Indigo children did not start to incarnate until 1997. This is much later than many people are saying. The ones they have been alluding to are just those of natural evolution who are more intelligent than their parents.

There are others on earth at the present time who are also of Lemurian descent but do not have the mental attributes that the real Indigo children have. This is because there was an alliance made several decades ago between those descendants of Lemuria and a much higher planet from another constellation which increased the intelligence level of this experiment. These are the ones that the real Indigo children are descended from. These children will have memories of this other constellation and the life on it – some more so than others. Just as some of those on earth of natural evolution can have memories of previous lives more so than others, the same thing is true of the real Indigos.

Real indigo children can be spotted by any who read auras because of the purple glow emanating from them. Those children of natural evolution will not have this glow, but will have an aura different from those older than them. There will be much more of the color gold in their aura, perhaps as an outline around the aura which will show their achieved color as far as spiritual evolution. Sometimes this golden glow will show up on people due to their high standing in spiritual growth. Sometimes it will look for a split second like a flash of light if they are from another planet – in other worlds if they are one of the aliens among us. This flash of light will only show to those spiritually advanced enough to see it.

The real Indigo children will be known by their sweetness. This may seem a strange way to put it, but they are descendants of Lemurians who were noted to be very “sweet” as far as having their heart chakra open and being very compassionate and caring about all others. These children should be tested as to their memories of life on other constellations and their memories should be notated and preserved. If the experiment of having them enter the earth plane works out well for the intelligence level of humanity, then these memories will become most important as to the direction our education and technology should take.

For this reason, these children should have an experimental school and this is where the Chrysalis Teachings would come into play. This is really who the Chrysalis Experimental School is meant for. As to how you will ever get it brought into being is a problem we are not prepared to help with. This is an earth plane problem and perhaps a test of those incarnated now on the earth. But please keep in mind that the Chrysalis Teachings and the Chrysalis Experimental School are aimed at Indigo children. Perhaps a more fitting name would be The Indigo School.

Consider the videos you are working on as course supplements for the experimental school. Not that they can’t be shown to others, but that they are aimed directly at the Indigo children in an effort to help them bring forth memories stirring in their souls as to where they came from. Not only will this bring forth traits of caring and love and compassion, but at the same time will bring forth ideas for high technology and more powerful thinking processes and ways to attain them. There are definite ways to start making more brain power available, but these ways need started with very young children as per the material in the experimental schools.

You, yourself, were one of the early experiments of Indigo children sent in long before any of the newer ones were. Your son is also one of them as an experiment and also another person you know is one. But you were one of the earliest because we knew we would need these schools laid out and also the Science of Music projects are from the new constellation. You three people just mentioned were early results of the experiment of Lemurians joined with those from another constellation which shall remain nameless at this time.

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