Plan for a New Century Government

The form of government that most countries are based on is outdated and obsolete for the changing world conditions. These forms of government have not grown and evolved and kept pace with the evolving of the people they are trying to govern. It is a disgusting situation for the most part from the point of view of the higher beings. It is now time to do something about it. You cannot wait for the time to appear to be more right. The time is now. Let everyone be about sincerely trying to fashion a government that will meet the needs of the enlightened beings that now make up probably 80% of our country. They are still not outspoken about their enlightenment due to fear of going against the establishment and also because there is no banner of new consciousness for them to follow. We are suggesting that the basis for a new form of government can come out of the Chrysalis Teachings if this help is desired from those involved.

An important aspect of the Chrysalis Teachings are the ideas that can be presented to humanity for a better world in which they can perfect their attitudes. The set-up of our world now has served very nicely for the learning of many lessons for all those who have had incarnations for the past two thousand years. But these same methods will no longer serve to set up the advanced lessons that people need to have as they evolve. The structure of our society needs to evolve right along with them and it is not doing so. What served even fifty years ago is no longer a viable tool for the learning of lessons of those in incarnation at the present time. Change is the key-word of a living, breathing, pulsating, progressive society and it is this very change that humanity fights so much of the time.

The system of government in place in our country is so corrupt that the higher beings almost believe that anarchy would serve the people better. This, of course, would be going backwards instead of forwards. They would like to present an idea that they have been working on. It would need to be changed to fit modern society and they realize that, but let them give it as they see it there and then we can talk about adaptation.

The movement to a third party in our country is a certain sign that things need to change. The higher beings are advocating the removal of the party system and replacing it with a system of Platforms that one must progress up through from the bottom to the top. This way no one would be at the top if he had not climbed all the rungs of the ladder. It would be mandatory for any who wants to serve in government.

Entrance into the School of Platforms would require certain college degrees that are not offered anywhere at the moment. These are circle degrees where one concentrates – after the first two years of general study – on all the facets of government. This does not mean dealing with the history of the political system. This history will not be taught at all. The new studies will begin from the point where humanity is now.

At one point in the Chrysalis Teachings it was given that the study of astronomy from its earliest historical beginning was worse than no previous study of astronomy at all because the outdated and obviously wrong concepts inhibited new thoughts of our universe from coming through. The same thing is true as far as politics. As a matter-of-fact, at times the study of history is greatly overdone in our high schools and colleges. A bare knowledge of the history of any subject is needed, but it does not need to be belabored because this fogs the brain cells and prevents new concepts and ideas from flowing in.

Regardless, the colleges will handle the entrance to this course of Platforms very tightly. As a matter of fact, one will not be able to apply for this part of the college – one will have to enter college as a general education student and during his first two years will be evaluated and if deemed material suitable for this special course will be asked to enter this school.

It will be set up that this degree will serve as entry to any profession in the social sciences realm – not technology or business, of course – because down the road, many of those who do enter this School of Platforms will be removed or eliminated from it or will eliminate themselves from it. It will be a grueling course of subject matter and one must be dedicated to serving humanity or he will never make it through.

The set-up of this way of government will mean that those graduating from the top platform will be those who are voted on for the presidency of our country. By the time they reach this top platform there will be very few left who make it into the pool to choose a president from. Similar to student teaching, while they are on the lower platforms they will serve terms in the governing bodies, of which there will be five, instead of two like you have now, your senate and house. There will be a Medical Division, a Judicial Division, a City/State Division, a Country Division and a World Division.

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