Our Prison System Needs To Focus On Rehabilitation

Great changes are needed in our penal systems. These penal systems should be patterned after the schools on the inner planes where entities are reeducated before being allowed to come back into body form. In the penal system the recirculation would be back into society instead of back into a body as done on the inner planes.

The way our prison systems are being handled today is an atrocity. For the most part when one enters one of our prisons he is almost certain of two things. One, at some point he will be raped violently and, two, at some point he will be held in bondage through blackmail. The two may be related or they may be separate, but they will take place at some point in his stay.

These two facts alone are of the most concern at the moment. We will start with the blackmailing that is done. This process is a direct reflection of the government of our country. Blackmail is not pretty to look at no matter in what segment of our society it is found and it does permeate all sections of our society. That which is done inside the prison system is the lowest end of the scale, that which is done in our government is the highest end of the scale. There are many degrees of it throughout the remaining segments of our society.

Blackmail is a power structure that is brought about by animal-based brain ego. It is caused, in the beginning, by a lack of self-esteem and self-worth. This feeling then, through anger at life’s circumstances, swings the pendulum to the opposite direction into an over-glorified sense of self-worth which insists that the world owes him homage and that everyone and everything he comes into contact with is only there for one purpose – that of serving him. This is a form of mental illness and is found, as stated, in all segments of our society and throughout the world. It is found in those of high intelligence and also in low intelligence. As a matter of fact, it has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with the overpowering strength of the animal-based brain personality which denies entrance of the soul which would form the conscience. Forming the conscience is the only method of combating the make-up that is found in one committing blackmail.

Rehabilitation Using Subliminal Tapes and Education
In order to form this conscience the soul must be able to get into contact, on some level, with the animal-based brain, if only during the nighttime hours of sleep. Therefore, the sleep pattern of the individual must be studied and at the time the brain waves are at their lowest, subliminal tapes should be played into their brain. This is the only method the higher beings can determine, at the present time, to start the process of forming a conscience.

This may seem as though it is destroying one’s freewill, but those in prison have violated the free will of others or they would not be where they are. Therefore, the higher beings would have no qualms about using this method, because those in prison have placed themselves at the mercy of the prison system by the acts and deeds they have committed.

Once these tapes are being used, it would be time for classes in the daytime hours. These would be private classes to begin with, because these prisoners will not let any of their “buddies” see them start to realize that they have a thinking process that is different from what they have used all their life. Therefore, individual contact is the only way to begin the process. As you can readily see, all this is going to take much more manpower than is now available. This cost must be weighed against the value of the rehabilitation of these prisoners, most of whom, if not rehabilitated, will go right back out and commit another crime and land back in prison to be the financial obligation of the citizens again. Would it not be far better to spend more money the first time around and not have them return?

Individual Lessons Begun
The first lessons that these prisoners will receive after the start of the subliminal tapes, which will be based on feelings of self-worth and being part of the “all” of the universe, is the prisoner will be given a look at the progress that each life should make. The goal of each life is the building of a conscience that will allow him to see that the way he treats other prisoners and other people in general is a direct reflection of the way he feels about himself. This will be a difficult idea for some to understand and the subliminal tapes will need to be continued until this breakthrough has come, that of understanding that what he is doing to others is a reflection of his own feelings of self-hate.

At this point, when he finally realizes this, he is given a task to do that concerns some type of creativity that he has not tried before. It may be that he will be asked to draw a better design for his cell adding one thing that would make it just a wee bit more easy to be confined in. Depending on what he comes up with in the drawing, which will reflect to a certain degree which direction his interests lie, he may be granted this one thing. If he is asked to design one thing for the personal hygiene of the prisoners and the design is good, he may be given a special privilege or a similar assignment for one tiny improvement in the mess hall. All these creativity assignments will need to be studied carefully by open-minded psychologists.

After about three weeks of these types of assignments, he will then be asked to read a booklet describing personal traits of many different people, some famous, some infamous, such as presidents, priests, authors, actors, thieves, murders, etc. After reading this book, which does not name those people who are being described, the prisoner will be asked to mark a page listing the main traits, good or bad, as to which of these traits they see in themselves. At this point, the identity of the people described will be given to them. The good and bad person they identify most with through these traits will be the subject of their next two months of study. They will research the lives of these two people and read autobiographies etc., both at the same time. At the end of the two months of study of these two people they will be asked for a comparative paper comparing the two, bad and good. They will then be asked for a paper comparing themselves to both of these people. These papers will be thoroughly studied by a panel of psychologists, ministers, doctors and psychics.

At this time they will then enter class instruction. This will be their first study contact with others and will be limited to six.






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