Non-Interference is One of the Great Laws of the Universe

Non-interference is one of the great laws of the universe that is followed always by the beings from the higher realms. Would that it were so in the lower realms. There is a fine line between being helpful and being interfering. It is a very fine line indeed. The aspect of it that so many people do not consider is the unspoken language that accompanies all tries at being helpful. The nuances of the voice, the look in the eyes, the body motion, all this goes into the area of making a simple suggestion suddenly become interference. The art of not having this happen is something that all must learn and is the foundation for acquiring diplomacy.

One can vocally state that they are just providing the facts, or giving their opinion and that it should have no bearing on the decision of the one they are talking to. This would be fine if this were the case, but 95% of the time it truly is not the case. There is a definite manipulative endeavor behind most discourses of this nature. When the one receiving information or advice of this sort feels this manipulation coming through the other’s conversation he must immediately put himself on alert that there is danger of interference to his free will being expressed by this person.

As soon as he is aware, it negates, to a certain point, the interference that is being injected into his life, but it never entirely eliminates what has been said. It is similar to a court trial where a statement is erased from the records and the jury told to dismiss it. It can never be done away with as it made its indentation on the ethers and became alive the moment it was uttered.

It is very difficult for the human race to take enough time before speaking to assure themselves that they are not interfering. Even when another has asked your opinion or asked you to gather certain information, there is still a fine line between doing what is asked and interfering. Humanity needs to learn when they are overstepping the Universal Law of non-interference in another’s lessons. This non-interference is so important, and it does not mean indifference, and it does not mean impersonality. It has its own fine line of overstepping boundaries.

This applies to counselors as well as to just plain friends giving advice – more so, probably, to the counselors because they are most often open lines to the inner plane guides and teacher. This makes the possibility of them overstepping the boundaries much more likely to happen than just an ordinary friend giving advice. The boundary that they cannot overstep is interference. Anything that is going to tell another what his decision should be, or must be, is interference and will reap its own karma. Those people giving readings must learn this. This must be one of the first things they learn, in that they cannot tell anyone what their decision to a problem should be. How will this soul ever grow if someone is constantly telling him the choices he must make? That is not freedom that is the opposite. That is imprisoning his mind.

Killing another is the worst kind of interference because it nullifies and voids everything set up for that one in that lifetime. There are other forms of interference which are not nearly as severe or as serious, but are still wrong. One of these would be telling another that you think they should get a divorce; that you think this is the way they should go. That you should not do!

Even to suggest to another that you think they should change jobs, or that you definitely feel that they have been wronged in the position they are holding now and should change jobs, is interference! Another term for it is “sticking your nose into others business.” Right along with the golden rule should be MYOB (mind your own business) a very good rule to follow when it comes to interference. This is where common sense and intelligence must come in. You can mind your own business to the point where you sit and watch someone starve to death. That’s not what is being talking about either.

Common sense basically is your God Within talking because it deals with your conscience. Common sense is a by-product of your conscience plus other factors, your environment, your upbringing, your education, but it is a by-product of your conscience. When this is coupled with intuition is when the best results for a counselor would occur.

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