More Ideas On What Our Future Could Look Like

Social Security
In the future the Social Security System will not resemble today’s system at all. People will serve as their own Social Security system. It will be based on cash withdrawals put into personal accounts. The company will make a group pool each month into investments. It will be each individual’s own decision as to whether to enter this investment pool each month and for what amount. Each person will have absolute control over his or her own money pool to a certain extent. They can then determine how much they want to leave as a safety net and how much they wish to enter the investment pool with.

As a person leaves one place of employment and joins another, their pool does not follow them. It is placed in a Frozen Asset Account at a bank determined by the employer and cannot be touched until that person is a certain age, or in the case of death the spouse will be allotted a certain percentage and the rest will be for the children. This frozen pool does not earn interest, due to the fact that there will be maintenance upkeep on the funds. These funds will be in special underground vaults called Asset Vaults. At the time of a person’s retirement the money from all Frozen Asset Accounts where this person has worked over their lifetime is drawn together into one Frozen Benefit Account and dispersed on a pro-rated monthly income amount, depending on the person’s age and life expectancy.

Heath Care
Health care for all in our country will be handled through the following seven point plan:
1. The government will act in the manner of an insurance company with those still working paying a set amount for this insurance, equal for everyone. The same amount will be taken from Frozen Benefit Accounts.
2. There will be a set amount allowed for each service and it will be standard across the country. If the practitioner complies with this he will be guaranteed seventy-five percent of his charges from the government with the patient picking up the rest.
3. There will be bonuses given to individuals who have no illness for certain periods of time by releasing them from their obligation to pay for a period of time even though they will still be covered.
4. There will also be incentives for preventive medicine such as exercise equipment at discounted prices for those who stay well for certain periods.
5. There will also be substantial reimbursement for anyone who comes up with a new method of treatment or new ideas on preventive health care.
6. The emphasis will be on self-responsibility. This will begin to take the power away from the medical profession.
7. Medical schools will be required to admit a certain amount of students to the medical college according to their overall enrollment. This will put more doctors out there. At the present time the demand exceeds the supply. This will be brought into balance.

Medical System
The medical system will be set up so that it is free from all political manipulating. It will bridge all political parties and be above politics. It will have the sanctity of the judicial system. The type of individuals to be at the head of this will be found in the field of medical research, dedicated scientists.
1. The government will pay them so will have no concerns over money.
2. They will be ethically above being bribed or bought for money.
3. They will be qualified to handle the money collected due to their knowledge of funding research.
4. They will be qualified to set standard procedures and treatment prices.
5. They will be qualified to judge new ideas.
6. They will be qualified to give incentives for staying healthy and for practicing preventive medicine.
7. They will be as a court of last resort, or court of appeals, for doctors and patients alike.

City Government
In cities a panel of judges will have twelve people serving on it for terms of twelve months. It will be a duty that each must take his turn at doing when his name comes up, similar to our jury system now. These twelve will have one new member added and an old one eliminated each month so there will be no time when all members will be new. There will be twelve departments as follows: Transportation, Environmental Control, Energy Resources, Education Halls, City Services, Agriculture, Animal Control, The Banking System, Building Control, World Relations, Industrial Regulation and Health Control.

In the future the recycling of all products will be of the utmost importance. Our planet will be thought of as a space ship and nothing will be allowed to be buried in the ground or dumped into rivers or emitted into the atmosphere.

Travel in the future will be noiseless. There will still be individual cars and planes, but the mode of moving them will be entirely different. Planes will be charted by computer much as rocket flights are done today. Cars, which will be light weight and have no motors, will travel on a system of conveyor belts all programmed by computer. People will get on moving walkways with a fast lane and a slow lane. Ships will be totally different in their function in the future. They will be as space stations in the oceans for the harvesting of food from the sea. All cities will have a terrific transportation system. Trains will run in cars of twelve every twelve minutes. There will be elevated and sub-level tracks and each station stop will have its own musical tone that must be sounded for the train to stop automatically.

Sewer System
The sewer system of the cities will be a marvelous make-up of innovative ideas. Most garbage and waste will be disintegrated with a musical tone. The water networks throughout the city will be activated at certain times of day for certain sections of the city by the sounding of a musical tone controlled, of course, automatically by a clock.

There will be restaurants, theaters, museums, art galleries, etc. There will be no hospitals as such, only Rest and Relaxation homes. There will be hotels, but not as they are today. They will be individualized compartments totally run by computers. They will be in one building, but not the huge complexes they are now. There will be salons relating to beauty care and personal needs. Jewelry will be much in style as will elaborate hair designs.

Newspapers, books and magazines, the media, in the future will be mostly computerized, but there will still be libraries. These will be constantly updated. Television will be much more advanced. There will be entertainment programs of a very high order, educational and entertaining and broadcast live, but most television will be stored on tapes. This will be an electronic library, but readily available in the home by pushing a button. This is how the newspaper and magazine articles will be read.

The stores of the future will be totally different from what we have now. All will be computerized. There will be very few workers that are needed because orders will be taken by computers and filled by them. Clothing will also be ordered custom made the same way. The same stores will sell all products from cars to spices for cooking. There will not be the variety we have now. There will be malls lined with specialty shops, where one may purchase gift items.

Clothing in the future will be made of fabric not imaginable now. It will be strong and lightweight, with a vibration to match its wearer and a color chosen for the way each individual feels that particular day. The material used for clothing will be completely recyclable, so when one outgrows an item, or tires of it, it will be recycled.






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