Meditation Exercise

The direction that everyone must turn to find answers to their questions is, of course, inward through meditation. A simple meditation would be helpful for all. The following procedure will be especially helpful for those who have a limited amount of time available to them for meditating.

When dropping off to sleep at night close your eyes and picture a spiral. Start at the outer edge of the spiral and work your way inward mentally to the center. When you have reached the center quiet your mind and receive either visual images or audible words. Before starting the procedure ask that you will remember what you receive when you wake in the morning.

The first thing when you get up the next morning write down a message, a word, or a symbol. Then at your usual meditation time hold this message, word or symbol in your mind in the center of a circle and meditate for your normal time period. The simple addition of this exercise before sleeping will serve to make more fruitful your normal meditation by increasing its benefits ten-fold.

You see, what this does is give direction to the meditation, instead of drifting aimlessly. In a half hour meditation without this previous exercise it would take most of the half hour to focus in on anything. By having done the focusing the night before you have already doubled your meditation benefits.

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