Levels of the Seventh Chakra – The Crown Chakra

This seventh chakra, the crown chakra is one of the main chakras to work through to do channeling. This chakra was a result of the combining of all the other chakras into one that allows for reaching your inner being, or your God Within. It is the frosting on the cake for the human, the goal for all to strive for. This chakra was not reached until the Renaissance period. A few individuals started reaching the ability for inner communication with not just themselves, but also with the conglomerate that was in charge of guiding planet earth at that time. This period was that of the master musicians and the great artists. It also incorporated the breaking up of the stronghold of the Catholic Church – the Crusades. All of this activity took place because the crown chakra came into being at that time. It is a relatively new chakra for the human and many do not have it open – any stage of it.

1st Level

The first stage of the crown chakra is that of being aware that there is an inner part of you – something bigger than what is going about the daily activity of living. Not all are born with this knowingness even today. Some acquire it after birth, but very few are born with this stage of the chakra open. The opening of this chakra is usually a result of the development of all the other chakras in a lifetime and it is normally reached at an older age than all the other chakras.

2nd Level

The second stage of the crown chakra is the ability to “hear” the inner voice, that still small voice within.

3rd Level

The third stage is simply that of using this ability. This is as far as most people progress to in a lifetime.

4th Level

The fourth stage is where they should be progressed to but aren’t. This is the use of this ability to contact other dimensions outside of yourself. By this I mean the inner being of others you are associated with. This is not reading their thoughts on a level of daily physical activity. This is a much deeper communication with them, a soul communication, a working together on the inner planes that carries over as a knowingness into the daily life.

5th Level

The fifth level is one of attaining the Christ Consciousness, that of knowing beyond a doubt that all are one and that one is the mind of the creator.

6th Level

The sixth stage is living your life by this knowledge – serving your fellow man as well as yourself. In channeling it is the incorporation of the higher thoughts into the animal-based brain of the individual. What this means is that it will seem more and more like the person’s own mind when they are actually channeling. Even the person will not be able to tell quite often that they are channeling. This is, of course, the proper way for the channel to be used. The channel is, after all, the stream of intelligence that is available to everyone who works at receiving it. The more subdued the animalistic instincts of the animal-based brain, the more strongly this stream of intelligence can enter. Therein lies the makings of our geniuses.

7th Level

The seventh stage of the crown chakra is that of being a messiah, a savior for the people who cannot reach this stage. They need to know there is more to their lives than what they experience and those at the seventh level are prepared to bring them this knowledge.

8th Level

The eighth level is that of calm and peacefulness and total acceptance of self and others. When at level seven waiting to access level eight, sometimes the energy for the eighth level can be described as a whirling around the head or a feeling as though a bird is sitting on your head flapping its wings. When you accept this level or stage and let this energy enter the brain instead of keeping it outside whirling effortlessly around your brain, then will you achieve all that you want.

The Apex of the Mind is the inner part of the crown chakra and is not reached until and unless the crown chakra is open. The apex is, biologically speaking, a thin part of the skull directly on the topmost part of the head when holding the head straight.

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