Jesus Served As Proof Of Reincarnation And Eternal Life

Jesus was from a different star. Mary was artificially inseminated by a spaceman chosen for this mission. The spaceman did not have sex with her. It was done by a process through the skin. It is hard to explain and not understandable by us at this time. The necessary factors are assimilated through the skin, similar to a spray-type deodorant being used now, only it penetrates through the skin and enters the organs at the right time and place. This method is not in use today as it is an outdated practice, but was in use during Jesus’ time. There was a pure infusion of genes at that point. From then on the artificial inseminations were not pure, but were of a hybrid strain from other planets that had earlier received the pure strain.

When Mary was inseminated for Jesus’ birth, it was once again a pure shot of genes. Therefore, Jesus was of a higher evolutionary track than most on earth, except for the Essenes, who had kept their group apart from others. They were
spacemen from the planet Venus who had originally done the mating and had stayed on earth but had not ever mixed with earthlings. Their heritage was pure, but not as pure as Jesus’. They were the most highly evolved on earth at that time and it was planned that they be Jesus’ teachers until such a time as He no longer would need them. They taught Him all He knew of the universe, of astrology and attitudes, etc. until He grew and raised His consciousness enough to be in direct contact with His inner being.

He was thoroughly trained at this time to be able to immediately transmute bad
thoughts or negative reactions to people into loving vibrations. This is a very difficult area to work in. It is likened to pushing a button on a computer today. He was able to do this instantly. The power of the mind is what is used. This vibration
immediately attracts and draws others to one. Some do this automatically even today without realizing it or being able to explain it. It can be learned by others once the technique is known and practiced. It is a controlling of one’s energy and transmitting it to a certain area instead of letting it automatically disperse itself over a wide area at random. If used for the wrong purpose, it would be black magic. If used for good, it would not. When a bad reaction starts to well up in one, deflect it outward with a thought of light. It is a simple act and if practiced over and over, it will become automatic. It is as though one must tell himself to push a button; in fact, actually pick a spot on one hand and pretend to push a button; this will help.

The Essenes taught Him to be humble and simple in His teaching. To accomplish this He needed to always feel calm. This is why it is important to have a spot to slip to, if only for a second. Their teachings were some of the most influential in His life as far as His well-being was concerned. They taught Him internal fortitude
which stood Him in good stead in the trials of His life.

People were not really able to grasp Jesus’ teachings except for a few highly enlightened souls. That’s why he used parables to teach, to bring it down as much as possible to the stage of evolution where they could grasp it. Not too many could, even then. That’s what is happening today. There are just a few enlightened souls who can understand what is being said today, although more are becoming ready and need to be given the opportunity to hear the truth.

Jesus wasn’t put on the cross to save anyone or take away anybody’s sins. He went to the cross so he could rise again to serve as proof of reincarnation and eternal life, no other reason. The more tears shed over his crucifixion, the harder to break the hold of the illusion that He died to take away our sins.

But think of the trust he had to have in His divine Father, (spacefather.) He had absolute trust in Him and belief that we live forever. He didn’t gain this trust overnight. He went through many long days of indecision and pain before realizing deep within his soul that this was His mission. He had tried to bring this to His teachings, but ultimately had to go to the cross as a final emphasis as to what he was saying and teaching as far as reincarnation and eternal life.

The message was gotten to the people of the fact of eternal life, but not correctly. They still picture it as a eternity of floating around a beautiful heaven because He earned it for them. When will they realize that neither He nor anyone else can earn this for them? To begin with, this is not their goal. Secondly, no one can earn it for them. Every inch of the way has to be done by each entity himself. No one else can evolve for him. No priest can forgive him. No baptism can wash his sins away. What sins? Those deeds that are against universal law. Their conscience will tell them what they are.

The big thought-form that He died on the cross to save our soul simply isn’t true. It’s not that easy. We have to earn that goal by our own hard work on ourselves. This thought-form needs to be shattered before any progress or understanding of the true nature of evolution can take place. Those who want to be with their heavenly Father must break the old thoughts and reread their Bible, knowing that NO ONE DOES IT FOR THEM. Will they be able to understand what is being said at this time?

The boxed-in effect that many feel today is because the minds of many need to have the expansion of wondering about things. The world as we know it cannot continue. It must expand outside its narrow confines. The coming changes must take place for this expansion to take place. The season when all will know that the time is short is soon to be upon the land. The weather patterns are becoming so erratic as to alarm many. This is only one of the signs. The openness of mens minds to the possibility of other dimensions is another. People need to have this material now, as the events which will foretell his appearance are taking place even now.

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