Graduation from Earth Plane Requires Obedience to Universal Law

The criteria for graduation from the earth plane is obedience to the Universal Laws, freely given, unthinkingly given. In other words, there is no decision, no agonizing about your responses and reactions to any situation. The reason that graduation from the earth plane will be when the Universal Laws are being instinctively obeyed, is because when that happens you will no longer be bringing karma on yourself. You have to be totally free from all karma before you no longer have to reincarnate on the earth plane. As far as what actions bring on karma, this is a determination that is a very individual knowing and if one isn’t spiritually aware of this law he can never be free of karma and will eventually have to be given up on and be considered a laggard and have to repeat third dimensional life from a new beginning on another planet.

Goal Is To Not Need To Have Any Laws Or Guidelines
Obeying Universal Law is considered the ultimate criteria for spiritual progression on all the mansion worlds. After that it is not needed, as none will progress beyond that point if still needing to have “laws” to obey or “guidelines” to follow that have been dictated by others. This is the goal then for humanities progress spiritually – to become so advanced that one doesn’t need to obey or follow laws dictated by others, because their own inner God will know these laws and follow them instinctively. It is automatically doing the right thing and saying the right thing at any given time to another entity, and then no longer agonizing over your actions. This is a long way into the future, but this will give you some indication of how ingrained these laws must become.

Spiritual Concepts
The minute the Universal Laws are spoken of, humanity clicks into place the Ten Commandments. Some of the Ten Commandments were misinterpreted to start with. Rather than talking of Universal Laws perhaps it would be better to refer to them as Spiritual Concepts. Concept is a better word than law, at this point, for what needs to be discussed, because most of humanity will not relate to what is said as being a law that they should be following. Perhaps they will be better able to relate to it as a concept that they will try to comprehend.

Our unenlightenment, as far as other life in the firmament besides ourselves, is unfortunate because it does make higher spiritual ideas much harder for the teachers and guides to put forth to us. Just a simple belief in other life forms is all that is needed to open wide the spiritual doors.

What is being talked about is life in energy swirls that is present on our planet. Another term for them is thought-forms. This is the form of life to be found on some other planets. These particular thought-forms on our planet are locked into patterns by strong thoughts of humans that are holding them there. It becomes a vicious circle as the thought-form can’t dissipate until humans can break free of it and pull in some new ideas. The new ideas can’t come in until the thought-form is gone, so humans are at a stale-mate until they realize that their thoughts have a life of their own in their own form.

If we could but see these thought-forms as those in the higher planes do and realize how they block an entity from new life-sustaining ideas, perhaps we would be disturbed enough to start questioning the theory of other forms of life, and this is really all that is necessary at this time to open men’s minds.

It’s going to take the creative arts to dissipate many of those life forms and stop their growth, but the danger is in what new ones are formed. If they are just as detrimental as the ones they are breaking up, then humanity won’t grow.

True Spiritual Concepts are very simple and there is no need nor desire to complicate them. They are basically getting rid of bad attitudes and replacing them with good. Those reading this material and wondering what the new Spiritual Concepts are, will be disappointed in what is going to be given.

1. Right Motive for Action
2. Equality
3. Love
4. Extension Of Self
5. Non-Interference
6. Non-Causation
7. Renewed Consciousness
8. Ultimate Creation (Thoughts Are Things)
9. Diminished Perception
10. Worship
11. Responsibility
12. Divorce
13. Spiritual Relationships/Business Partnerships
14. Karma
15. Ethereal Body
16. Manipulation/Possession
17. Honor Thy Father And Mother/Thou Shalt Have No Other God Before Me
18. Ego
19. Negativity
20. Prejudice
21. Judging
22. Thou Shalt Not Kill
23. Materialism
24. Temptation
25. Covetousness
26. Impaired Vision

Some of these will be discussed in future blogs. For now, the newest and best Spiritual Concept is the opening of humanities’ mind as to other forms of life on other planets. We are not alone, have never been alone, only in our own minds by being locked into a thought-form that got its start when certain passages were deleted from the Bible. Any reference to visitors from other planets was deleted and this closed the “lid of the coffin” on humanity in a way that could not have been planned any better by a mastermind, because it dealt their spiritual life and knowledge a death blow.

Our unenlightenment, as far as other life in the firmament besides ourselves, is unfortunate because it does make higher spiritual ideas much harder for the teachers and guides to put forth to us. Just a simple belief in other life forms is all that is needed to open wide the spiritual doors. This was and is a much more serious problem than any yet realize.

There is no way anyone could have foreseen how serious a problem this would become as far as blocking the minds of these divine sparks and preventing them from attaining their birthright, their divine mind, which each of them have (unused for the most part) as an integral part of them. It can be compared to a lamp with a bulb in it that is connected to an electrical outlet, but is never turned on at the switch by the home owner. Picture all this unused light and untapped energy, then consider that only one light in every 10,000 people is ever turned on. You will perhaps get a better idea of the frustration and disappointment of the teachers and guides at not being able to light up the other 9,999.

When one’s lamp is lit, he does have a spiritual obligation to show the way to others and help the higher beings try to light up the other dark bodies. To deny this obligation, then, would be to isolate your light and dim its brilliance and not let it be a beacon to others in their dark hours. This would be the ultimate in self-centeredness and selfishness and would then, in turn, set back your own evolutionary progress and growth and be a detrimental lifetime for your seed core. In other words, to not let your light shine would destroy a lot of good hard work and growth that has taken place in the past lifetimes.

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