Ethereal Electric Energy – The Spark of the Creator

Our inner beings are much, much older than our outer beings (the physical forms that evolved from the animals). Our inner beings have actually been around from the beginning of the creation of our universe. They are a spark of the mind of the Creator God over our solar system. The Creator God over our solar system is a spark of the original One Creator, whose mind was shattered along with His physical body at the time of the big bang. This released His mind into the vacuum of the universe. Parts of His mind filled every square mile of the emptiness. Some pieces of the mind were quite large, others quite small. These pieces of His mind filled the cosmos with planets, stars and nebulae which would continue to form into solid bodies.

Some of the larger pieces of Ethereal Electric Energy or EEE became suns that attracted the solid bodies of planets to them. Some of the small pieces of EEE took up residence on some of these solid bodies of planets. On each planet where they did this, they adapted to the conditions of the planet and evolved according to these conditions.

On some planets they remained EEE and lived lives in energy forms. All of these very different forms that evolved seem outlandish to us. We have been so taught by unevolved EEEs that settled on our planet that it is hard for us to fathom any other life forms than human beings. We are wrong. There are many, many different forms all evolving according to the conditions of their particular planet. For this reason it seems that there is no connection between them and us. This is also where we are so wrong.

There is one strand of connection between all in the universe and this is the EEE of the one Creator God. This Ethereal Electric Energy is compatible with all creation and transferable between habitations. Therefore, it is possible for cross breeding to take place between all planets and all levels of EEE. It is the “messenger” you might say of the Creator and the “tie” that holds it all together in harmony.

Each planet evolves according to the atmospheric conditions that develop on it. We are all pretty familiar with the conditions as they developed on earth and the animal forms that evolved out of these conditions. These forms were many and varied.

There was one of the larger EEEs (Lucifer) who wanted to experience life in the forms that were developing on earth. In order to do this he had to individualize himself, his thoughts. As all creation is a repeated pattern, this was done in exactly the same manner as the original shattering of the One Creator at the time of the big bang. This EEE traveled to our planet as a lightning bolt that shattered upon arrival thereby scattering his thoughts into infinitesimal pieces of EEEs. These small pieces of EEEs are humans. They are us.

This large EEE that shattered had been on many other planets and experienced life there and being very curious he wanted to explore our planet. He entered into the larger of the animal forms that were able to walk upright, the ape family. He soon found out that he had absolutely no control over these animals and rose back up out of them. He called on those in the higher planets where he had come from to help refine these animal forms through breeding experiments with vibratory transfers of EEE between the planets.

This they did and the animal forms were refined. We, as the sparks, entered them again and had better luck this time controlling them, but still weren’t satisfied. You see, there was a rudimentary brain in this animal form that continued to evolve with the passing of time. As it continued to evolve, the sparks continued to have problems because of the strength of this animal brain. There were many devious acts that resulted from the combination of the animal brains and the sparks who did not know how to behave in these forms and their inability to have control of them even now.

The way it worked was genes from the higher planets were inseminated into the physical, animal forms populating the earth. This caused a “mutation” of the animal kingdom and the ones who received these genes split off. These genes were injected into the animals that the spacemen took on board their ships to accomplish this. The insemination experiments went on until the digestive system of the animals was changed and the tail had disappeared. All of this was done so that the entities who were doing the experiments could then enter the bodies and experience the earth planet. They had done this on other planets in the universe. Every time they find a planet capable of life or already having some sort of life forms, they need to investigate that planet for the Creator God. It is the only way He can know what His total creation is like.

Once they inhabited the bodies of the new human they found that the animal brain that had developed was very strong and stubborn and that they could not control the animal form. Therefore they pulled back up out of them until more generations of experiments were done to soften and refine the brain of the animal form so they could infiltrate it with their thoughts. From this point on the experiments continued with the offspring that were born after they inhabited the forms. These offspring had a different brain construction due to the work that the experimenter’s inhabitation of the forms had done. You see, they used their influence on the animal brain of the body they were inhabiting to form thought patterns or pictures of an even more gentle brain, a more pliable brain.

These experiments and the experiments of nutrition that were done along with them are the start of recorded passages in the Bible. The experiment has never ended. What has happened is that as the brain power of these early humans increased they began to be more aware of phenomena that the earlier humans had not even had enough brain power to question. Yes, the questioning mind of humans began with these later experiments and those doing the experimentation knew they were achieving their purpose, that of raising the intelligence and, as an aftermath of that, the raising of the consciousness would soon follow. This was necessary for the survival of the race of humans that they had invested so much time and energy in.

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