DNA Changes In Indigo Children

The DNA changes in Indigo children are being done before the soul enters the physical body. This is very difficult to explain. They are being made to the body of the fetus while it is still in the womb. We are able to do this with the use of our technology which is not available or even known about on planet earth. This technology, if in the hands of the wrong people, could conceivably destroy the human race. Therefore it is being used very selectively. These changes are made in certain organs throughout the body so the advanced being that enters that body will be able to take full advantage of all his/her capabilities. It would be cruel and inhumane to send a soul into a body that is outdated and not able to handle what will be demanded from it by the soul who enter it.

On the other hand, the changes in DNA due to energies hitting the earth and bombarding bodies are not the same kind of changes to DNA. They are more superficial changes and are part of human’s inability to fight off diseases such as cancer. Your scientists have known for quite awhile that environmental influences have an effect on who is subject to cancer and who isn’t. At times it depends on where the human body is at the time of certain energies hitting the earth. If they are outdoors at the time these energies hit they will be more affected by them than someone who is in an enclosed, protected place such as a building. It is as simple as that. Know you that what was given in the Science of Music about life only being able to survive in protected environments in the future is having its start now.

So the environmental changes to DNA being made by energies hitting the planet are not good changes to the DNA. The changes made before birth for the Indigo children are good changes – well planned and thought out with an eye to trying to see the future effect these children will have on the earth planet. Sometimes we don’t always get it right and sometimes the changes made for one Indigo child will be different from those made for others. This will be due to the country of their birth and the lifestyle lived there and the nutrition partaken of in the different countries. Each birth of an Indigo child is well thought out and planned in advance.

As far as the parents of these children, they themselves are of a high standard as far as earth-born body types. They are chosen for this actually before they enter and have agreed to host one or more of the Indigo children. They are not being taken advantage of, because they agreed to this before they were born.

The updating of the evolution of the human being has been an ongoing thing since we first seeded the earth planet when she was born and yes, you have it right, these children are coming from both Sirius and Venus. The difference in where they come in from is also part of the DNA changes that have to be made for their survival.






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