Breaking The Membranes In the Brain

There are membranes separating the levels of each section of the mind which are of ethereal matter. The soul must be in control of the entity at least a certain percentage of the time to allow access to the back of the brain. If the soul does not send the right message along the nerve passages, then the front part of the brain has a closed door between it and the back. This membrane is of ethereal matter. There are twelve different dimensions of thought or levels of the brain and they all have membranes of a thinner ethereal matter between them also, even the front part of the brain. These are the membranes that music will help open earlier in children, especially their own singing, but any musical vibration that they are exposed to constantly will have the effect of allowing them quicker access to brain power, in other words, raise their IQ, if you will.

There really are fences in our mind that must be torn down. They are in ethereal matter in the form of membranes separating each of the four sections of the brain and smaller membranes separating the three levels in each section. If you were aware of what was happening you could recognize when these membranes broke. It would be more difficult to know when the smaller ones broke, but the breaking of the larger membranes between sections would be felt as a severe headache or some other form of discomfort.

All through my life I would periodically get a “zing” that went through my head. It’s hard to describe; it was sort of like a buzz but at the same time like an electrical shock. I’m sure now as I look back, that these were the breaking of smaller membranes.

I also distinctly remember when I broke over into the second section of the brain, from the third dimension to the fourth. I had an awful, horrible headache, worse than any I’d ever had in my life. I lay down on the bed with a wet cloth on my forehead. Soon after that I had the most beautiful vision, in color, of what the city of Grand Junction would look like in the future. The Colorado River had either moved further north, or had been diverted, to flow further north. Either way, it ran right through the main part of the city. All the lights poles glowed with brilliant colors and reflected in the water. I can’t remember too many other details now, but it was beautiful. I have never had such a vivid, colorful picture of anything since then. It took several hours for the headache to let up. I thought to myself if that’s what it took to have a beautiful vision like that then I didn’t want any more; the pain had been that intense. That thought is most likely why it has never happened again. I stopped it myself.

The actual scientific meaning of the word enlightenment means the breaking of the membrane between each section of the brain. When one is totally enlightened, each section of the brain is open to stretching with new thought. Any section that has not had the membrane broken will not be open to this stretching. It is held in tight constriction and cannot allow any new thoughts to enter.

These divisions of the brain are noted esoterically by scientists, but not exoterically. There has not been much dissection of brains done on humans. Most has been done on animals and this is one place where the animals cannot serve the scientists because they do not have these membranes. They could be found and noted if looked for in a human brain. In other words, if a research project to this effect were begun, the scientists, by using “black light,” would be able to identify these minuscule membranes. With ordinary light and eye sight they would not. An instrument combining “black light” and magnification would show them.

On occasion someone will hit their head and suddenly have unusually strong mental powers, or psychic abilities. The reason for this is that the blow to the head causes the breakage of the membrane between the first and second sections of the brain. Usually, when one has a accident that causes the splitting of the membrane, it gives instant access into the psychic arena of the brain: the astral plane. This is the area between the third and fourth dimensions. This then allows the breakthrough from third dimensional thought into fourth dimensional thought to take place.

There is an exact pathway of these levels of thought that will show the road map for others to follow. It is not a wise idea to try to cause this splitting of the membrane to take place on purpose. Much damage could come from any attempts to do this, both physical damage and mental damage. The only way you could do this would be by a blow to the head that could cause severe damage in other ways. It will open naturally when it is ready. It cannot be achieved by surgery, at least not physical surgery. It is possible that a psychic surgeon could remove the membrane.

There is one thing that will help with the breaking of these membranes. The vibrations set up by the musical tones of a piano or other acoustic instruments, especially stringed instruments, will serve to separate the membranes between the layers in the brain. (In my case, I have been playing the piano since the age of four which would account for the breaking of these membranes.)

You see, this membrane is of ethereal matter as all membranes in the brain are. It is not like the physical membrane found in a virgin female. That is made up of physical matter. These membranes are of ethereal matter because the whole realm of the brain is the ethereal realm. The physical components of the brain are merely holding agents and sectioning agents.






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