A Picture Of What Our Future Could Look Like

In the future everyone will be functioning as soul-infused personalities. Life will not be filled with fighting and murder and emotional upsets as it is today, but it will not be boring either. Countries will keep their identity as far as customs, dress and language, although all people will know the Universal Communication Language. Countries will hold national fairs, so to speak, to display their own customs and crafts. These will be highlights of tourism each year and will be looked forward to avidly.

Everyone will have the same spiritual concepts. The Kingdom of God being within each one and the dignity of man will be the most important facts for all to live by. Universal law will be the supreme law for all countries.

Our future will be likened to opening the door to a bright, clean, new house and furnishing and equipping that new house with the best possible furnishings and equipment. This future will be based on the Age of Creativity. Each one of us will learn to express our inner self and our feelings in an outward way. This will be achieved with the expression of the soul taking place through the arts. This will be started in wee babes and carried through each lifetime.

Our whole system of education will be restructured from bottom to top. The goal of the education system will be the harmony of all people. Harmony will be achieved only when each person gains self-esteem. Self-esteem only comes from expression of the soul. Expression of the soul can only come by opening the creative channel through the arts. The schools of the future will be dedicated to the expression of the soul through the arts leading to a totally synthesized person, balanced, intelligent and joyful and living their lives by the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The structure of these schools will be as follows:

The Halls of Training
Birth through Pre-K
The Focus will be on the Physical Body
The Goal will be Stretching the Brain
Accomplished by – Understanding the Human Form
Achieved by New Concept – BodyThought®
With studies in Nutrition, Exercise, Anatomy & Competition Sports

The Halls of Learning
Kindergarten through 6th Grade
The Focus will be on the Emotional Body
The Goal will be Self-Esteem of Student
Accomplished by – Opening the Creative Channel
Achieved by New Concept – BlendedThought®
Along with studies in Art, Music, Theater & Performances/Displays

The Halls of Knowledge
7th Grade through 12th Grade
The Focus will be on the Mental Body
The Goal will be Independence of Student
Accomplished by – The Importance of Thought
Achieved by New Concept – AnalogicThought®
Along with studies in Language, History/Geography, Math & Science

The Halls of Wisdom
Age 18 through Age 20
The Focus will be on the Spiritual Body
The Goal will be Opening to the Power of the Mind
Accomplished by – Higher Education & Training
Achieved by New Concept – LayeredThought®
With studies in Intense Specialty Schools in all Fields

The school system will be overhauled financially. This will be done in two stages. The first one will be the Voucher System. The schools will be run just like big businesses and compete with each other. They will have a recruiter or sales person selling the value and merits of each particular school to the parents. The parents will receive a subsidy voucher that is only redeemable in the school system for the education of their children.

The second method of funding is called the Education Seed System and will come a little further into the future. This will come from the central government of each country putting aside an “education seed” for each child as it is born. This seed is added to each year on the child’s birthday as a government stipend. The money is kept in a bank account for each child. This seed money will be allowed to be invested by those in the bank and the school district of the seed. When or if the child moves, his seed follows him.

Great changes will take place in our penal systems. They will be called Healing Houses instead of prisons and wrongdoers will be re-educated before being allowed back into society. This reform will be based on a Twelve-Step Program for Criminals as follows:

1st Step Subliminal tapes to help develop a conscience.
2nd Step Individual lessons to develop feelings of self-worth.
3rd Step Creativity assignments to earn special privileges.
4th Step Reading and writing assignments about good and bad traits of famous people.
5th Step Small class lessons started with others in comparison of traits.
6th Step Bonus of special video tape they can relate to as far as their own traits.
7th Step Larger group discussion sessions with others of similar backgrounds.
8th Step Controlling actions & reactions on a limited freedom weekend.
9th Step Martial Arts & Creative Arts Training to learn control of actions
10th Step Classes in reincarnation, karma and dreams taught along with other spiritual concepts.
11th Step Three month probationary period in farm/ranch environment.
12th Step Job training & eight months probation in employment and reenter society.

Along with these new systems of education and restructuring our penal system, I see new methods of government along with a world government. The party system in our country will be replaced with a system of “Platforms” that one must progress up through from the bottom to the top. This way no one will be at the top if he has not climbed all the rungs of the ladder. It will be mandatory for any that wish to serve in government.

Entrance into the “School of Platforms” will require circle degrees where one concentrates, after the first two years of general study, on all facets of government. Those graduating from the top platform will be those who are voted on for the presidency of our country. Similar to student teaching, while they are on the lower platforms they will serve terms in the governing bodies, of which there will be five, instead of two like we have now, our senate and house. These five in the order of the highest authority will consist of the Country Division, the Judicial Division, the City/State Division, the World Division and the Medical Division. Different subjects will be handled at different levels by different divisions. For instance, education would be handled through the high school level by the City/State Division. The Country Division would handle the college levels. The World Division would handle the specialized professions.

Other things, such as Healing Houses (prisons), the Medical Profession, and even Social Security would follow the same pattern. What this amounts to is a graduation process throughout all the different divisions of people being City/State Citizens and then progressing to Country Citizens and then finally to World Citizens. Along the way they have a Judicial System to appeal to for everything except medical problems and a Medical System to appeal to for health related problems.

Our president will serve as an example of a synthesized man whose goal is the brotherhood of all men. For this reason he will work closely with the World System whose duties will include controlling immigration and imports, to world conferences on education and medicine etc. The World System’s task will be to always see the overview for the entire world, for instance, how some action in Lincoln, Nebraska will affect people in Spain.

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