Earth Changes Show The Planet Is Alive With Spirit

There are many predictions of Earth changes that are visions of past cataclysms. At the same time there are cataclysms to come. Some psychics see these. To distinguish between the two when seen on the Earth plane is almost an impossibility. There will always be cataclysms until the Earth is a dead entity the same as our moon. Then will the activity cease. Until that time one must live one’s life without fear of catastrophe.

Where would humanity be if they had constantly worried about doing anything because of the possibility that there might be a cataclysm a week, month or year down the road? Constant talk of cataclysmic upheaval only adds to the upheaval in people’s lives.

The Earth changes that are coming are good changes. All change is good. God is Action, remember, and this applies to the planet herself. Lack of action signifies withdrawal of spirit. Knowing that the Earth is alive with spirit adds a zest and excitement to your life and the constant dread of cataclysms certainly isn’t doing this. Excitement and wonder and awe of the Creator God should replace the dread. The Earth is still, and always will be, undergoing formative processes, the same as each individual life is constantly undergoing change until the withdrawal of spirit.

Some of the predictions of cataclysms will come true simply because of the mathematical chances involved in guesswork. This is what most of the predictions must be considered, guesswork. Even those on the unmanifested plane do not know when any particular area is going to experience a cataclysm unless they study it scientifically. They do monitor certain areas, but there are not enough of them to monitor every square mile of the Earth’s surface, both underwater and on the ground.

Many of the cataclysms manifested on the land have their start underwater you realize. It is a releasing of the tensions of birth, of the elements that brought about the solidifying of matter, that cause what we term cataclysms. There are certain areas on the Earth more predisposed than others as to releasing these tensions. Some of these are known and simply should not be inhabited if one is over-fearful of cataclysmic eruptions. Move to where you have not this fear and then release it and live your life as normally as you can.

All that has happened in the past will most likely happen again in approximately the same general areas, as these are “weak” spots in the Earth’s surface that readily allow for the release of tension. These spots ought to be revered as sacred, as without them there would be no Earth for us to inhabit. They are very necessary and cataclysms ought to, by rights, be celebrated events because they allow the continuation of life on planet Earth. Be not afraid of cataclysms, welcome them instead as they are cleansing processes.

The “New Age” is not going to be ushered in with big cataclysmic events. That was the picture at the birth of Earth, not her middle age. Middle age does denote changes though, the same for planets as for humans, adjustments in the life force more suitable for advancing years, more graceful movements in the life force, more gentle emotional upheavals, a steady, more balanced physical nature.

Earth is approaching middle age. Compare this to natural changes that take place in the human female. When outside events surrounding the woman are inharmonious so also, then, do the internal changes become more violent and stressful. When the middle age woman has her life in balance emotionally she goes through the period of menopause with very little upheaval, so also the Earth. Ponder on this and live your life without undue concern about approaching doom. It is not going to happen that way.

The cataclysmic events have ever been with us and ever will be. It is an ongoing process of life. So live your life and enjoy it to the fullest without fear; with joy and appreciation for the opportunities presented to you each and every day. Be about it humanity! Erase the word cataclysm from your vocabulary. Replace it with upheavals, upsets, storms or release of tension. Storms are very necessary to cleanse; to clean out the old and replace with new thought on an updated evolutionary cycle.

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