Hydrogen Part 2 – It Needs Kept As Evolution Continues

Many, many people will not accept that Hydrogen is the Creator and it needs to be accepted. It is the mind that created everything. It is the Creator of original creation. Evolution is very important because once the Hydrogen Atom created something it was left on its own to evolve, but with the Hydrogen Atom ever present and never lost in its process of evolution. It has been buried in most processes of evolving, but it is still there as the core and this needs to be recognized and brought to the surface in everything that is presented to humanity as far as evolution and creation.

If something new comes into being the Hydrogen Atom is not to be lost as it evolves. This includes human beings. When they are born, this atom is a large part of their makeup but once the new personality comes into being the original core of hydrogen and its importance is pushed into the background. This must not happen anymore. New births of humans are the place where we will start with ways of seeing that the core is not lost or shoved aside. This is very hard to do in your society and we will try to come up with ways to partially disguise what we give so that the parents will not turn against the practices that will keep it in the foreground.

This gets a bit tricky because it must not take over the life, but must let the new personality develop with its own agenda, always keeping the core in the forefront. This will be very difficult to do. The process will involve music at every step of the way.

The Hydrogen Atom when combined with other elements will produce or reproduce almost every item of nature there is. It will not, cannot reproduce man-made items because of their lack of having hydrogen in them to start with.

The form of hydrogen that all humans are born with and that must be retained as they grow to maturity is water. There is a percentage of water that is present at the birth of a babe and also at the birth of other members of the biological kingdom. This also takes place in the mineral and botanical kingdoms but with another combination of hydrogen and other elements. The one which we will discuss today is the biological kingdom.

The percentage of water in the human body is very high at birth. It is almost 90%. This balance gradually decreases as the human form ages. It should decrease at a predetermined rate of dropping one percentage point for each year of age. This makes it almost non-existent by the time a body reaches the age of 90. This is why humans do not usually live past the age of 90. Up until that point there is a “smidgeon” of hydrogen left in the body to keep it in the zone needed to be considered a member of God’s kingdom.

The point we’re trying to make is that if this predetermined percentage of water in the body is not decreased by 1% each year, but is instead, added to by say a half percent, can you imagine how long people would live? Do your math. It would add another 45 years to their life span. This is perhaps too big a step to take at first, so let’s make it an addition of 1/4 percentage point of water each year. This would add say 22 years or so to the life span. This would be a good starting point.

The way to do this? It’s very simple. Start the babe off with more water to drink than milk. This is why mother’s milk is better for the baby. It has a higher percentage of water. The powdered formulas cannot hope to compare with this. So that is the beginning – mother’s milk. This would also hold true in the animal half of the biological kingdom. And for the most part it does hold true or rather it used to. The manipulation of animals is taking the same path as that of humans – switching the newborns to formula so the mother’s milk can be sold commercially.
Moving on, as the child grows he is switched over usually to cow’s milk, but a commercial variety of it which has been altered from its natural state of a higher percentage of water to that of a lesser percentage. The way to overcome this would be to “water” commercial milk with water. Commercial skim milk will not do.

Regardless, as the human body continues to age, it should switch completely to water as its main form of liquid refreshment. Of course this does not happen with all the interesting drinks that are available to man. Most of them are harmful to their health. Not that they will kill them because they are being drank, but in that it replaces the hydrogen atom in the working processes of this body. Coffee is one of the worst. If a person drank a cup of plain h2o instead of coffee they would keep the required percentage of hydrogen in their body. This is food for thought for many, especially for nutritionists.

Hydrogen needs to be kept at the center of lives so it is never lost. Until the age of four the focus of keeping hydrogen in the body will be on nutrition. From the age of four the focus is going to move to the emotional body. This is probably the hardest stage to keep focus on it and to find ways to apply it. It must be done through the arts – through the creative actions taken by the entity at this time. Hydrogen atom is not only found in physical matter but also in ethereal matter. And this is the form that must be put to use at this time. These children need music for this to happen. Music will then open the door to all other arts and keeping the Creator at the center of the art.

You see, you must have two different visions of hydrogen in your mind at all times. The ethereal picture of hydrogen is the one that most people have a problem with. This is where it must go from the churches picture of God or the Creator as a strong father figure sitting on a throne to a picture of a God or Creator that all has inside them. This is where the Sunday Schools have got it wrong. These children could readily understand the unseen part of them as the Creator and could easily bring it through their thoughts, ideas and art work if given a chance. This is where the Chrysalis Experimental School would come into the picture. This will be discussed in Part 3.

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