In the beginning there was nothing but a vacuum. This vacuum was in the ethereal realm to begin with. The original black hole or cocoon of ethereal matter of which you and I were a part, formed out of nothingness. A vacuum so intense with “nothing” will eventually produce a gaseous substance. This gaseous substance, the ethereal matter that forms because of the dark, freezing stillness, is another aspect of eternity, the same as the fact that there is no time or space in eternity. Where this matter came from or how it came about has no answer. It just was.

To explain further, although there was no atmosphere as we know it, there was a beginning of ethereal matter. This ethereal matter “sat” long enough that it began to deteriorate or rot. When something goes through this process it begins to give off a gas. This particular gas was odorless and colorless but was the beginning of an atmosphere. This atmosphere contained the ingredients to cause it to freeze. The freezing temperatures eventually began to “hatch,” you might say, into different frequencies. These frequencies then begin to stir around and cause heat which allowed the process of forming a cocoon to take place. This cocoon consisted of all the frequencies reacting to each other and becoming stronger and stronger. This is when a tear in them took place.

The “ingredients,” you might call them, of scientific elements were gases, causing frequencies combined with total darkness and freezing temperatures. This combination in any lab today will cause a reaction of some kind depending on what gas is present. The gas that was present at the beginning is not available anywhere on the planet today, so these scientific reactions cannot be duplicated.

The darkness had a vibration to it. You see absence of sound, or vibration, will eventually produce a vibration due to a natural tendency to want balance. With the “nothing” it wanted “something,” so this “something” came into being as a vibration. A mixture of all potential colors of light (and corresponding musical tones) is what the darkness consisted of.

It is impossible for you and I to conceive of total darkness, stillness and freezing temperatures in physical matter being able to cause life, but this is exactly what it takes in the ethereal realm. The combination of these three items causes a coming to life of ethereal matter. These factors are as close as anyone is capable of giving to explain the beginning of creation. As far as where this first bit of ethereal matter originated there is no explanation available.

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