Comparing Our Brain to the Large Universe

While reading the description of the event for Mystic Radio on Esoteric Online about Parallel and Multi-Universe’ the following paragraph really struck me as something I’ve been given about our brain to tie the makeup of the big universe to the make-up of the human brain. As Quantum physicists get down to what is known as String Theory, we can approach a nearly complete picture of a Unified Field – Through Vibration. These vibrations occur on a Membrane or “Brane”, that physicists now feel separate one fabric universe from another. I asked for help with this subject from my guides and teachers and the following came through.
But first I need to give a little background on what I was given about the brain.
The human brain is not only divided into the right side and the left side, it is actually divided into four parts. There is a lower left side, a lower right, an upper left and an upper right. Each of these divisions has three levels, with each level having twelve stages. The lower left section of the brain deals with the physical body functions, the lower right section with the emotional body, the upper left section with the mental body and the upper right section with the spiritual body.

This is the structure of the brain and the path of progress should be from lower left brain to lower right brain, then upper left and upper right, with the apex of the mind where your inner being will be located. The left deals with physical body functions, the right with the creative process. This gives us twelve levels or dimensions of the human mind. Most of humanity is functioning on the third level but there are some people who are starting to connect with their inner being. This is a new phase or stage of growth that takes place when moving into the second section of the brain, the lower right side, the fourth level or dimension of the mind.

To explain the powerhouse built into our brain I’d like to compare the brain to the large universe. The moment conception takes place there is a mind, the same as there was a Creator’s mind the moment the “big bang” took place in the large universe. This original mind of the human that I’m talking of is the mind of the animal form that has developed over eons of time.

The brain was restructured at the time of the destruction of Atlantis. It was softened by means of changing the atomic structure that the human forms consisted of. This softening then allowed for expansion of the universe of the brain. This compares to the second explosion in the macro creation process, the explosion that allowed the expansion and moving outward of the galaxies. As the macro creation process is the chain reaction of the nuclear explosion, so also is the growth and development of the human brain. In comparing the brain to the large universe, we can know what this brain is capable of because we know the expansion capacity built into it. It has the same outlines or borders or limits that the large universe has. These borders are non-existent in the large universe; therefore they are non-existent in the human universe of the brain.

The same way the Creator is still at the center of the universe that formed around Him, the energy of our piece of divine spark is in the center of each of us, and our universe, our
mind, forms around it. This is the tiny pinprick of electrical spark that takes up residence
in the center of our soul.

There are membranes of ethereal matter separating each of the four sections of the brain
and smaller membranes separating the three levels in each section. The actual scientific
meaning of the word enlightenment means the breaking of these membranes between each section of the brain. When one is totally enlightened, each section of the brain is open to stretching with new thought. Any section that has not had the membrane broken will not be open to this stretching because it is held in tight constriction and cannot allow any new thoughts to enter.

My question to my guides was follows:

Q. What can be given as far as the statement (These vibrations occur on a Membrane or “Brane”, that physicists now feel separate one fabric universe from another) relating to the material I was given about the divisions in our brain being separated by membranes that need to be broken by raising our vibrations and moving to the next dimensions of thought? (And keep in mind that the vibrations being talked of are musical vibrations and tie in with what was given in The Science of Music.)
A. Yes we are here. You have been told all along that the human brain needs compared to the large universe and the large universe compared to the human brain.
This is absolutely what was being talked about. It was described to you as dealing with the human brain. Now we need to further the understanding of how this works in the large universe. The universes are separated by these membranes – a thin layer of cosmic dust, you might say, to try to explain it in terms you’ll understand. But even though they are thin layers they are very strong and need powerful vibrations to unlock them so one universe can meld into the next one. This is what has happened so far. You are in the 7th universe. I am in the 9th universe looking intently at trying to accomplish the 10th universe soon.
No matter the first universe was quite small and as it merged with the second it expanded tenfold. The same is true with the ensuing universes until we reach the 7th where you are now and it is very large having encompassed all six universes before it. It will soon pull in the 8th universe as you have been given previously.
The 7th universe is of 3rd dimensional thinking. The 8th will be 4th dimensional thinking. The universes before this, 1-2-3, (1st dimensional thought), were not capable of thought and universes 4-5-6, (2nd dimensional thought), also did not accomplish much and are non-existent. There is no activity of this kind in those dimensions. Therefore the first 6 universes were not capable of thought. They just existed.
But the 7th universe is where it all came together in what you call the big bang. The explosions were so violent that it increased all vibrations and this new universe came alive with magnificent thinking and doing. By this we mean that the Creator’s mind was born during this explosion and all the universes before the 7th also came alive and gave forth their stored memories of what took place in them during the dark times. When the explosion happened the Creator could build new universes based on what he learned from the dark universes.
This relates exactly to how a human is in 3rd dimensional thought until he has an “explosion” of some kind in his life that triggers his moving on into 4th dimensional thought. At the same time it releases all his previous lives which have been waiting in time and space for this occasion. This makes all he learned in 3rd dimensional thought able to be accessed by him and others (through communication by tapping into their inner being) to build an even more positive life. This is his “rebirth into continuity” which is the real meaning of being “born again.”
What is so with the Creator and his brain is exactly so with the human and his brain.

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