Becoming One With God

The feeling of wanderlust that all experience from time to time is a direct result of the thought that there has to be more to life than this. The more intelligent a person, the more this thought strikes. In some it takes the form of physical pursuit, in others a mental pursuit. The physical pursuit is not ever going to satisfy the seedcore of your being, but the mental will. It will develop in stages, this mental pursuit. There is, and always will be, a step higher to aspire to. There are times when we can’t see this step. We may sense that it is there and therefore will not be satisfied until we find it and pursue it. Such is the path of a disciple.

To be One With God, truly one with Him, one must be one with all others in the universe, not just earth. This is why humanity must know and must accept the fact that they are not alone in the universe. The only way to attain true oneness with God is to accept this fact. The most amazing things will start to happen when more truly realize their beginnings. Let us use an analogy:

Oneness with all others is a feeling of being one drop of water of the ocean that has to flow back to that ocean before the ocean is filled. The ocean is not going to come looking for that drop of water, even though it knows it needs to have it. The drop of water must find it. The ocean is too large to go looking for one drop; on the other hand, it is so large that one drop should have no trouble finding it.

This is an important part of the truths of man’s divine heritage. Most people will have trouble with it, as none on earth do truly understand the meaning of being One With God. Let us use another analogy:

Picture a split-level house. People live on both levels of that house. At times they are downstairs, at times upstairs. God is neither place. He is surrounding the house, enveloping it.

Picture the house with a ball of fluffy cotton completely surrounding it, even the foundation of that house. This is a force-field, an insulation. Man, living his everyday life, is on the bottom level. When he prays or meditates or studies his spiritual concepts, he is on the upper level. But, he is not One With God until he breaks out of the house, any direction, and enters the fluffy cotton, which is the rest of humanity. He can just rest here awhile, or he can start to struggle through the ball of fluffy cotton, but it is filling his whole being while moving through it, his eyes, ears, nose, mouth; he even swallows cotton. He eventually becomes one with the cotton ball, which is God.

It is much easier to reach this ball of cotton from the upper level of their house than the lower, as the roof is made of thinner material, but it can be reached from the lower level. It is harder and takes much longer, but through everyday living, if done with a reaching out to others, a true desire and need of reaching these others will eventually break through the side wall of the house.

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