Bridges to Tomorrow

Welcome to the Bridges to Tomorrow

This is a project featuring insights and ideas leading us into a new world of peace and harmony.

The “Bridges to Tomorrow” will serve as a showcase for all the wonderful, new creative ideas for all kingdoms. There will be seven main “Bridging Paths” – Elemental, Geological, Botanical, Biological, Prismatic, Atmospheric and Astronomical. All new ideas for each kingdom would fit into the exhibit located at the end of one of these seven “Bridging Paths.”

All the wonderful, new creative ideas that I get for all kingdoms, comes from the Chrysalis Teachings giving us The Universe Within. These teachings are dropping down into the three different areas below:

  • The goal of all activities would be that of new methods of doing things especially in the areas of education and science, all grounded in the creative arts.
  • The focus will be on the direction of our planet in this new millennium. It would be laid out as “Bridges to Tomorrow” having paths with symbolic bridges leading to the exhibits. There would be seven main “Bridging Paths” with each path having smaller trails off from it.
  • The seven “Bridging Paths” would be based on the seven different kingdoms – Elemental, Geological, Botanical, Biological (the largest division), Prismatic, Atmospheric and Astronomical. Each “Bridging Path” would be designed with that particular kingdom in mind.
  • All new ideas showing the possibilities of future growth for each kingdom would then fit into the exhibit located at the end of one of these seven “Bridging Paths” or one of the connecting trails.

1. The Elemental Kingdom Bridging Path

  • The elements start the process as the tiny bits of sub-atomic particles. They grow and evolve by joining together into atoms and follow through all the kingdoms.

2. The Geological Kingdom Bridging Path

  • The Geological Kingdom is based on type of rocks, then breakdowns of different stones, which will then break down into mineral composition from that point.

3. The Botanical Kingdom Bridging Path

  • For all the different minerals in the rocks that hardened, different plants came into being. As the crumbled sand and water eventually met, little nubs, or sprouts, and sprigs of grass started forming.

4. The Biological Kingdom Bridging Path

  • The evolution of sound began with the forming of the first ear canal. This was aquatic life. The stages of the development of the ear canal will show the separation of the animal and human kingdoms.

5. The Prismatic Kingdom Bridging Path

  • The color frequencies of sound and light do not match. To understand the connection between the musical tones and visible light, the Pythagorean scale will be the best one to follow.

6. The Atmospheric Kingdom Bridging Path

  • As the heavy atmosphere began drifting off from the planet, the rays of the sun blended with the heavy atmosphere and made it lighter and helped raise these wave formations.

7. The Astronomical Kingdom Bridging Path

  • The debris, which was the remnants from one planet that blew up, bombarded all the planets and made up the electrical field or aura surrounding each planet. This mixing was the beginning of energy that has served our solar system since then.