The Creator’s Mind

When the original explosion occurred (the big bang), at that time there was a “Mind,” the Creator’s Mind. The excitement of the explosion, the sheer awe and wonder of this Mind, this first “thinking” being, with a body of energy for a form, was what caused the creation of everything and the tiny little central core that caused it all is still there. This is very difficult for us on the earth plane to grasp.

An analogy here might be to compare the tiny atom that is still at the center of all creation to the grain of sand that’s still in the center of the pearl as the pearl formed around it.

The first Mind was developed, remember, in the original cocoon of vacuum by the beginning vibrations and was given birth into beingness during the explosion. This Mind expanded and set the pattern for all to come afterwards; all that has taken place since then originated in this Mind. These particles were once the “complete Mind” of the Creator that was present in the black hole beneath the Line of Demarcation. At the time of the nuclear explosion this Mind was shattered into individual particles.

You and I and everyone were part of one of these particles. Due to the principle of “like attracts like” the particles grouped together as far as vibration went and began to form into galaxies, stars, planets and suns.

Much of the original mind stayed contained within the black hole beneath the Line of Demarcation and controlled or patterned the particles that were drifting away into the vast cosmos with a pattern for the perfect mind.

The Mind of the Creator is made up of scientific reactions to exoteric events – instinctual behavior reactions that can’t be changed due to the laws of scientific reactions.The Creator’s development was of scientific reactions. His birth is another story. The same is true of humans. Our development in the womb is a scientific chain of events that can only be altered by the most drastic of events, among which is chemical poisoning. When the Creator was developing there was no such thing as chemicals to poison any part of His development. Therefore, He is the most pure development of anything that could ever be possible.

When He was born the Mind came into being as a thinking entity. This Mind was unpoisoned and uncluttered because there was nothing to poison or clutter it. Everything was absolutely pure and clean. Therefore, this Mind followed absolute perfection as far as reaction to scientific circumstances. It is still so. The human mind, on the other hand, is subject to poison and clutter from the first moments of birth on. This is due to evolution. Creation will always be pure – evolution will always be impure. Even though evolution is a scientific reaction to circumstances also, it is subject to influence. Pure creation is not subject to influence by others. Remember this at all times.

This Mind of the Creator is capable of feelings, but only of clear, clean, uncluttered, unpoisoned feelings. These are the feelings that high vibrations will bring. The higher and finer the vibration of our bodies, the cleaner and clearer are our feelings. It is as simple as that. When the vibration is low the disharmony results in grating, grinding vibrations that cause pain in the mind. The first Mind had no way of experiencing these low vibrations. They simply weren’t there. The original vibration was high and fine and this caused the first Mind to feel joy at being, curiosity about who He was and where He was and what exactly He was supposed to do now. Can your imagine being the first one on a world where no one had ever been before? This is the ultimate pioneer, the ultimate exploration experience. This Mind did not know anything other than feeling good and being happy and joyous.

This Mind, feeling all of this intellectually, influenced everything that came after this with these feelings of freedom, curiosity, joy, peace, happiness, etc. These feelings are embedded in all the planets, stars, and even the nebulae that are still forming, especially the nebulae because they have never seen anything other than this pure Mind.

Therefore, they form into pure, clear, uncluttered unpoisoned bodies until the process of evolution starts. The very process of evolution itself is the cause of the vibration being lowered. This is a scientific happening. The lowering of the vibration causes a cluttering of the mind which in turn causes the lowering of the vibration.

All those from evolutionary worlds will always face this battle. There is no way to overcome it as long as evolution continues, except through education as to the cause of it all.







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