Levels of the Third Chakra – the Solar Plexus

The third chakra, the solar plexus, is that which allows the human being the freedom of expressing differences from each other. Without this chakra everything was identical as far as actions. There were no individual reactions, no initiative taken, nothing to differentiate one living form from another.

1st Level
Therefore, the first level of the solar plexus is the capacity for individualism. This is inborn within every human form. As with all inborn abilities, some access this level more than others.

2nd Level
The second level of this chakra or energy center is the sensing of the difference between each human form. With the animals this meant each species mating within its own kind. This chakra or energy center was formed at the same time that all the species were coming into being with distinctive family characteristics. You see, in the beginning there was all the same life form, but as these life forms moved out from the spawning center, different foods were eaten and different environmental influences produced changes which adapted the life form to its environment. Some grew longer or shorter tails, thicker fur, sharper eyes, enhanced hearing, different reproductive methods and caring for the young. All of this took eons. But the basic instinctive knowing whether another life form was part of your “vibrational family” was kept intact in all the different species and is a rule of nature that is still in place today. In humans this gives the knowingness, or sensing whether another human being is operating on “your wavelength” or not and allows for discrimination in choosing those we associate with. This instinct or intuition is more sharply in focus in some than in others. It should be the immediate “gut reaction” we get when first meeting someone and should form the basis of all our friendships and relationships. This is not to say that you shouldn’t associate with others, but rather use this knowledge in handling the intricacies of each relationship. What this second level does is allow for cross mating in the human race.

3rd Level
The animals will not cross over this “vibrational line of demarcation” – humans can, will and should to bring about a wider understanding and closeness and allow the spirits within the forms the ability to experience the fact that they are all one. This, then, is the third level of the solar plexus, the ability to be aware that we are all of the same origin, both through physical evolution and spiritual evolution although, basically, this third chakra is not thoroughly aware of spiritual teachings. When those are accessed more fully with the opening of the higher chakras, that is when this third level of the third chakra will get more usage.

4th Level
The fourth level of the solar plexus is when the awareness of being able to manipulate others comes in. This knowingness of others according to vibrational sensing opens the door to also knowing other things about people. In the animals this is the level that told the rabbit to steer clear of the wolf. It laid the ground work for predators to lay in wait for their prey because they became aware of their habits of existence, such as always going to the watering hole at the same time. The same is true of humans. Those with a more advanced level of tuning of this chakra will be able to take advantage of those with a lower tuning. This is basically what took place in Atlantis and got so out of hand that the civilization was destroyed and the restructuring of the human form was done. But to follow evolution through from the adding of each chakra, this level brought about manipulation and can be brought down in tuning in one who does this on a regular basis to others. Some have sharpened this ability to the point where they can manipulate anyone, whether of a higher or lower vibrational rate.

5th Level
The fifth level of the solar plexus is a beginning ability of reading the thoughts in other’s minds, not just a sensing of instinctual behavior. This level progressed and grew right along with the capacity of the brain to think. Therefore it is a natural thing, inborn in all of us to be able to read other people’s thoughts. Those in whom the brain power progressed faster naturally progressed at a greater rate of speed as to this ability to tune into other people psychically. So this is an ability that is directly tied to intelligence, rather than being equal in all.

6th Level
Level six of the solar plexus is what brings the use of discrimination into play as far as the usage of the abilities this chakra gave the human form. In the animals this level was prevalent in the fact that they started staying in groups or herds and making for individual species or categories of like traits, such as hoofed animals and those whose young were all born and nurtured through the same process. In the human this level also leads to individualism in that those with this level strongly tuned quickly learns when the use of the psychic ability is being used wrongly and gravitates away from those using it unwisely and seeks out “his own kind” as far as groups.

7th Level
The seventh level then allows the usage of these abilities to help others in a wise manner and, at the same time, one learns how to protect oneself against those of lower psychic abilities. In the animals these last two stages have not progressed to the point where it should. What is meant by this is that they stay in herds but have not yet learned to discriminate among all those in their general category, because a wolf can and will kill and eat a baby wolf if he’s hungry enough and the baby wolf would trust the older wolf because he’s a wolf. And certainly none of the animals are aware enough to access level seven. Levels eight through twelve are very powerful levels. The seat of psychic ability is definitely located in this chakra, the solar plexus. This can be tuned and has been tuned totally by some psychics and it is not as dangerous as the other two chakras, especially the root, as anyone who has reached seventh level tuning has built-in discrimination. Most of the higher levels of this chakra have to do with healing. Level seven, as given, is used to help others mainly with advice.

8th Level
Level eight allows the tapping into the akashic records for past life influences.

9th Level
Level nine is a knowingness of using the mineral kingdom for healing.

10th Level
Level ten is the use of the plant kingdom.

11th Level
Level eleven is the use of the animal/human kingdom which is sound.

12th Level
Level twelve is the use of the prismatic kingdom or working with colors and light. As you know, there are many working on these higher levels. Those wishing to become more effective healers would want this chakra highly tuned to the exact level they are employing. They must have a natural tuning at least as high as level seven before the higher levels should be tuned, as the misuse of these higher abilities could become rampant. Some have already learned how to tune to these higher levels and are misleading others, or rather misusing their abilities by charging enormous fees. This is because the wisdom is not in place that is needed before these higher levels will be properly used.







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