Levels of the Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye

The sixth chakra is one that at present is open on everyone to stage three when they are born. The first stage of this chakra was in actual vision that the early forms had – the first forms that were born after the separation from the animals took place. The higher genes that were inseminated caused an inner eye to form that was a transforming of the antennae on certain animals. The antennae was the ear, if you remember, as given in the material on the evolution of sound. This forming of the third eye took some of the energy away from the ear chakra, which is partly why it is not so developed on the human today, and it formed an inner antennae, which is what the third eye really is.

The third eye, the mystical eye that is in between your own two physical manifestation of eyes, is for your sight on your inner journey and is every bit as important as the eyes for the outer journey. Now, your outer journey can be made without sight in either of your physical eyes or with partial sight. The same as for the inner journey and the third eye. But visualize physical life without your sight, or only part of it, and realize all that you would miss – the gorgeous colors of earth, the expressions on people’s countenances and the look into the window of their soul by looking into their physical eyes. The same is missed on your inner journey if blind in the third eye. As usually happens when one is blind physically, the other senses take over or try to compensate for the lack of this sense.
The same on the inner journey. When the third eye is not open, or only partially, the other centers try to take over or compensate for it, if you will.

In the physical world when this happens, one other sense usually takes over the biggest share. The hearing sense compensates for facial expression as it picks up nuances in the vocal expression and puts this into the computer of the mind and this, along with the sense of smell and other things, all combine to help this one form an opinion of someone or some situation.

In the inner world, the senses that can compensate for lack of sight of the inner eye are stronger and more able to compensate because the third eye chakra was deliberately closed, sealed off, because of misuse and that energy sent to other chakras. This is the same as happens in the physical world, only the ability to compensate is stronger in the inner experience because the physical eyes were not deliberately sealed off in humanity so that it is more difficult for other senses to compensate, but it can be and is done eventually.

The point being made here is that the compensation being done for the lack of inner vision is different in each. Some use one other chakra more strongly than another. In other words, the compensation can and does take on more variety. In some they use the crown chakra, depending on if it’s open. Some compensate with the throat, some the heart, most use the solar plexus. They are able, then, to form their opinions and conclusions based on their compensating chakra, the same as a blind person forms his opinions and conclusions based on their compensating organ.

As a physically blind person can misinterpret, so also can an inwardly blind person. Think about this and relate incidents in your mind to the two circumstances.

1. Those using the sacral plexus will most likely shade everything and all opinions sexually.
2. Those using the solar plexus will slant everything to ESP, “I sense that he is thinking this way, etc.”
3. Those using the heart will become emotional about every situation, whether it has any bearing on his circumstances or not.
4. Those using the throat will try to talk everyone down with his own opinion.
5. Those using the crown will come up with the deepest, purest, truth about any and all situations.

When and if the third eye is opened, this over-compensating chakra will back off and not be as strong. The danger of having the third eye open without the checks and balances of the other chakras is as compared to what happened in Atlantis.

Some use the throat chakra to such a degree that nothing else works. These are the ones that are hard to balance. Remember, please, that their sacral plexus is open as is the solar plexus and combined with the throat chakra present a blockage that must be opened to allow the heart and eventually the crown to operate or this one is operating with no conscience and a big ego.

Those in the Unity course of study are operating with the third eye partially open, but not the crown and solar plexus. They are operating on sacral plexus, heart, throat and third eye partially opened. Their problem is that the solar plexus, the intuition, and the crown need to open before any more third eye should be developed.

Those of the Christian Science church have the most balance of all. Their chakras are all equally balanced and this is why they are successful in healing. None will ever become great prophets or great psychics or great healers because of this balance and perhaps are better off. One of the chakras must be stronger than the others to become great in any one area – the crown for prophets, the third eye for psychics and the solar plexus for healers.
Does this surprise you that I say solar plexus for healing? This is the energy director, the traffic cop, and this chakra must be very strong, overly strong in one who wants to heal others. Remember the Christian Science mostly work on healing themselves, except for a few who try to help others.

1st Level
The first stage of the sixth chakra, then, was actual vision with the human eyes shut. These early forms had the ability to see whatever was in their path at night or with their eyes closed during the day. Those who are born blind today revert to this ability as a matter of instinct. They sense these objects but do not see them clearly. The early forms were able to see them clearly.

2nd Level
The second stage of this chakra was the ability to see into the thoughts of the other humans. It was closely associated, and still is, with the human eyes. The expression that was seen in the human eye was a direct reflection of the thoughts of this other one, and the third eye learned to read these thoughts by interpreting the expression in the human eye and listening to the inflection of the vocal sounds this other one was making.

3rd Level
The third stage of this sixth chakra was that of being backed off or shut down due to the development of speech and disuse of the inner vision for safety with the civilization of the human. Fires at night made it unnecessary to use the inner vision when a torch could light the way.

4th Level
The fourth stage of this chakra is total disuse. People felt better and more secure using their outer sensory aids and this chakra fell into disuse.

5th Level
The fifth stage of the third eye is a resurgence of inner vision with a focus of the large universe in miniature. This begins as a sensing of colors and patterns of the other planets.

6th Level
The sixth stage is that of the return of being able to read the thoughts of others.

7th Level
The seventh stage is inward vision, in micro form, of events that take place on the other planets. In other words, a miniature vision of the macro universe. It is as though you have a television set that can be tuned to the other large planets in the universe and a tiny micro size television receiver in your forehead.

8th Level
The eighth stage of this chakra is to be able to take these micro visions and enlarge them into your physical world and see them as the same size as you. This accounts for the visions that people have.

9th Level
The ninth stage of this chakra will be being able to directly ask – direct voice communication with another planet – to see certain people and communicate with them. This is what I do. I am using my third eye but do not see the visions. This one stage of this chakra is open much further on me than the stages below it. I need to tune this stage more, musically, than the other stages to enhance my transplane communication. If I wished to be one who could have visions in life size then I could tune the lower stage that applies to this. The abilities of all stages of all chakras are readily available to everyone through musical tuning but, as given earlier, must not be used indiscriminately.

10th, 11th, 12th Levels
The last three stages of this chakra are not to be talked of at this time only, again, to say that our teachers and guides embody them at all times. They are this much further ahead of us in evolution.

When I started seeing certain objects that looked as if they were made up of squiggly lines – lots of little tiny lines to the point where nothing had a definite edge to it – I was seeing just the bare beginning of the atomic structure of the matter world. This will become more definite and will be seen on more objects as time passes. It is a natural process. There is nothing wrong with my eyesight. It is the blending and combining of the powers of the third eye with the natural eyes. This is what eyesight was originally intended to be. It will become thus again as the third eye comes back into power in the restructured human being, the way it was originally intended, as the sixth sense. The ability to see with all three eyes gives one a perspective that allows the structure of creation to become apparent.

Those who can develop this can look at an object and determine its state of being. They also can do this with people. This is the making of a healer.







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