Humans Not Developed Enough To Do Miracles As Jesus Did

In the year 2300 there will be the birth of another star in the Milky Way galaxy, causing a disturbance again in the vibrational frequency. This will not be as strong a change as the one coming now. These events are predictable for many centuries. This is how the birth of Jesus- Sananda was predicted. (Sananda is his universal

The astronomers are going to have a field day with the birth of the new star which will precede the earth’s shift on its axis. The shift will take place when the energy waves have traveled the distance needed to reach earth. The excitement of the birth of this star is going to overshadow all other news. The vibrations zinging through space, preceding this bubble are affecting life everywhere.

The physical form and the mental body are made up of energy; therefore humans are very susceptible to any degree of change in vibrations. This is causing many problems and will continue to get worse. The only way people can be helped is by knowing and accepting the truth of their origins. They must accept the fact of
unending existence, as this will be the most comfort they can receive.

This was what Jesus tried to teach them, but most only give lip service to believing it and truly don’t believe it. They seem to think that the physical form is all there is. When they understand the coming together of the genes from space with the animal forms, the merging and the struggle for control of the form and the death of the form and return of the spirit to experience again and again in new and different forms, they will eventually accept the truth, as it has to strike a familiar chord somewhere along the way.

The physical healings He did and those being done now are all done with mental power, mind control. There is a way that this can be done instantly, but takes one in whom the psychic powers have been honed to their sharpest degree. This healing power potential is latent in all humanity. Very few ever develop it and certainly no one has ever developed it to the degree that Jesus did. This was part of the plan of His incarnation so He was well grounded and trained in this before entry. The mysteries locked inside the pyramids explain this training and give detailed instructions as to how to develop this potential. If these were to be found by anyone today, they would be used for mercenary purposes.

The far as stories of other “miracles” He performed, most were blown out of proportion in the retelling. He did on several occasions, make use of levitation and solar power but never used suspended animation, though He was capable of it.

The human race simply is not developed enough to be able to do miracles on a daily basis. It has nothing to do with the spiritual growth. It has everything to do with physical evolution. It would have to do with the combining of genes that takes place before the entity is born so there are limitations on what we can do to create our own reality. These limitations are imposed by our physical body. There are no limitations to creating our own reality when we leave the earth plane, as earth is the only plane we will progress through where we are caught in matter and have this limitation imposed on us.

We cannot walk on water because our flesh and bones do not have the buoyancy that is needed to walk on water. They do not have this buoyancy because they do not have the right DNA makeup. Jesus was one who had this makeup way before his time. He had a different DNA structure, a much more progressed DNA structure, than anyone has had before or since.

Humans will eventually evolve to where they can do miracles in the physical body. The mental body, the animal-based brain, will have much to do with this progress and it is progressing quite rapidly. Do not misunderstand. The DNA must progress first. The actual atomic structure of the human form must progress first, to where the buoyancy of the form would be there. Then it will be a combination of the animal-based brain mind and the desire of the soul wanting to do miracles that will allow it to happen. This will be, perhaps, between 500 and 1,000 years into the future before this will take place.

Jesus gave off very strong vibrations, much stronger than any today. Perhaps only because of the purer atmosphere, they seemed stronger and could be felt by those who got near Him, even though these people were not sensitive. The mystery of honing which can be described as being like the purring of a cat, is what enabled Him to have these strong vibrations. Honing can be used to repel or attract, whichever is wanted or necessary. He used it to attract the people. He was truly a great psychic and still possesses these powers today. He has never used any psychic power for anything other than good.

New Testament Accurate About Physical Life But Not Spiritual Teachings
The Old Testament is an historical account of the colonization of earth. The New Testament is a fairly accurate account of the physical life in that time period and of Jesus’ life, and has a lot of good common sense advice and teaching in it, but the teachings he gave, having been given in parable, have been misinterpreted for the most part. They have been reworded because what he actually said seemed too simple, so they were elaborated on. He kept them simple to reach unevolved man, but as they were added to, their meaning was changed.

He was able to use his psychic powers much more than anyone can today simply because the atmosphere was not as contaminated then. It was not so thick and heavy. He had no more psychic power than many on earth today, but was able to put it to better use. Also, he was one of the very few in whom this power was developed at all in that time period, not like today when it is developed in many. He stood out from the throngs of people as a very special being and had many followers.

When he returns, he will not at first stand out until the time is absolutely right. Then he will let his presence be known very simply and quietly with no fanfare. But those waiting and watching for him will immediately recognize him. There will be no doubt in their mind when they see him. They will know.

But first will be others making the claim of being Jesus the Christ. One is ready now and will make this claim in the near future. He will be discredited almost immediately and there will be others. But the true Christ will come from the most unexpected place. It will not be through any church.







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