Housing Modules are Wave of the Future

Modules or components of houses are the wave of the future, as far as affording housing for all inhabiting the earth. The houses being built out of wood are depleting our natural resources of forests, which of course affects the environment. The houses of the future will be built of natural ingredients so there will be no problem with disposal when a module has served its purpose and needs to be replaced. There is a substance being made out of organic materials that resembles our present day plastic and it has the insulating qualities that are needed.

The ideas behind these modules are that they can be added or changed as needed. A basic starter home would have two modules, the physical plant of the house and one “great” room. From that point on the round modules with connectors could be added, one at a time. If a separate bedroom is needed or wanted as a first supplement, then the bedroom package is purchased. If a separate kitchen is wanted instead, then the kitchen package is purchased. The bathroom and laundry would be part of the physical plant module as original equipment along with heating and cooling and moisturizing works.

Each round module could be rearranged as needed or wanted. For instance, if the first room to be added is a bedroom, then next a kitchen and it is decided that it would be better to have the kitchen where the first bedroom is, then the interior package is all that needs to be exchanged. You could rearrange the rooms in your house as easily as you now rearrange furniture in your rooms.

The walls of these modules would be of a soft spongy material that would hold a nail for a picture and when the nail was removed the wall would seal itself back up. A pass-through window or opening could be cut through from one room to the next and then re-sealed later when it is no longer needed. The home would be very adaptable for individual uses. It also would lend itself to different decorating schemes. The roundness of it should not be changed due to the ease of heating and cooling round containers as opposed to square. It is a simple law of physics.

These modules could serve many, many purposes other than homes, of course. A few would be offices, studios, lecture halls, retreat kitchens or retreat bathrooms, temporary quarters for guests, etc. Each module could serve as shelter for the homeless, medical offices, classrooms in your new school, pre-school room additions, mother-in-law rooms, garages, RV and boat storage, computer rooms, exercise rooms, spa rooms, tanning rooms, dining areas, entertainment areas, meditation rooms, and the list goes on and on limited only by your imagination.

The interior packages could be a vehicle for much individual artistic and mechanical expression. They would be a challenge. It would become a field of its own as far as a career goes. The modules could be sold or rented and the interior packages also sold or rented. Each module would be independent of all others except for the physical plant module. One of these would be an absolute necessity with each other module, so therefore would need to be the first to be designed and tested along with one other module for testing purposes.

The floors of the home would be part of the construction of the module and also, therefore, be heated. There would be ventilation openings in the ceiling and a natural system of fans in the dome of the ceiling. In other words embedded into the ceiling construction would be flaps similar to those which are used on airplanes that would divert air downward or toward any area of the module.

The aspect of selling the modules on a competitive sales plan is a must. The business must be made profitable in today’s market. We realize this is the way the world operates. Nothing can be accomplished if it is not accomplished through the social structure of the world. This is a very important thing to remember.

The fact that they could be heated and cooled through a crystal ring around the outside is quite true. This is based on the crystal in Atlantis and more could be given on this for details if interest is shown in the rest of the concept. The outside of the homes could be made to look square if desired by fake fronts as long as it didn’t cover the original crystal ring which would be an integral part of the wall construction of each module. The crystal ring would serve to heat the wall of the room with shades to be covered for temperature control – automatic shades operated by a thermostat.

The lighting of the homes would also be embedded into the walls, or rather the way to light the homes would be embedded, the power source that would allow a lamp to be placed anywhere in the room as long as its cord could reach the wall – anywhere on the wall. This would be true of all appliances and yet until these cords touched the wall there would be no evidence of electricity to be seen or felt. It would be perfectly safe. The lights would be of the kind that emit light from a solid sphere. They would not contain a bulb as you have now.

The homes of the future will have the walls encoded with vibrations that will be tuned for the individual living in that room and will automatically light with the color of light that is needed for harmony in that body. The great room and other public areas such as kitchens, dining areas, baths etc. would be rainbow lighting which would allow all vibrations to feel good within them, but exercise rooms and meditation rooms and bedrooms, offices, studies, etc. anything used for a personal nature could be coded with an individual’s personal harmony.

The new teachings are showing the way to harmony of man’s internal world. These new housing modules will show the way for harmony of man’s physical world. The inner world will never be calm and peaceful until the physical needs of a person are met. The physical needs must come first. Many of those working to instill new thinking do not realize that they have the tail before the cat. The inner peace and harmony will come when physical ills and stresses are met and people can relax enough to even know they have an inner being.







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